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Team work in English at Step Up Learning Centre

ビジネス英会話 (Adult business)



大人向けのレッスンは「Adult conversation」「Adult business」「 Adult “let’s talk”」と3コースあります。どれが自分に合っているかなど、​お気軽にお問い合わせにてご質問ください。無料体験レッスンの際にも詳しく説明いたします。

ビジネス英会話 料金(大人3コース共通)


4回 ¥13,200 (¥3,300/回)(税込)



Business Meeting in English



ビジネス英会話 個人レッスン横浜

今日では英語でコミュニケーションをとる必要がある場面も多く求められるようになりました。多文化が共生するなか、日常生活およびビジネスシーンにおいても英語は重要なコミュニケーションのツールとなっています。 プライベートのビジネス向け英語レッスンを設けています。初心者から中・上級者を網羅し、それぞれのレベルに合った指導をしていきます。 成人向けに開発された教材を用い下記の点に留意したレッスンを行っています。


  • コミュニケーション能力強化に特化したビジネス英語。

  • ビジネスシーンでも使える、日常生活や専門分野での英語などを網羅した授業内容。

  • テキストブックの内容は動画でも閲覧可能。

Game Plan - Beginner Level

  • Introductions. Example: A. Hi. I’m Mark Oakden. B: Pleased to meet you. Mark. I’m Aiko Suzuki.

  • Writing basic emails, scheduling, and planning. “Is 11.00 a.m. convenient for you?”

  • Give and take a message on the phone and say where someone is. Can I take a message? Could you ask him to call me? He's in a meeting.”

  • Talk about currencies of different countries, money, and how much things cost.

  • Greet a visitor, ask questions about their journey, and offer them a drink. “How was your flight? Would you like a drink?”

  • Write an email to introduce good and unwelcome news and ask for opinions. “The good news is the design is great.”

Get Down to Business - Elementary Level

  • Introduce themselves. Example: “I'm Mark Oakden. I'm the owner of Step-Up Learning centre in the Yokohama.”

  • Ask to speak to someone on the phone, try to connect with someone. Example: “A. Could I speak to John Walls, please? B. Hold the line, please. I'll connect you.”

  • Write an email to confirm a schedule. Example: “I am writing to confirm the schedule for your visit to Tokyo next week.”

  • Describe graphs and charts in a presentation. Example: “In quarter 3, profits went up to $450,000.”

  • Describe figures. Example: “We increased our market share by 4.6%.”

  • Deal with complaints. Example: “Would you like another one or do you want a refund?”

  • Check in, board, and go through customs.

  • Asking for direction. Example “A. Is this the way to the cinema? B. At the end of the road, turn right.”

The Big Picture - Pre-Intermediate Level

  • Talk about work. Example: “I'm responsible for the marketing section.”

  • Write an email to arrange a follow-up meeting. Example: “I'm writing about the sales conference. Please find our brochure attached.”

  • Start and end a phone call. Example: “Could I speak to Mark Oakden, please? I'll be in touch again soon. Bye”

  • Use phrases for various stages of a meeting. Example: “Shall we make a start? The last item for today is …”

  • Use basic staging and signposting in presentations. Example: “Today, I'm going to talk about …”

  • Write emails to describe problems and suggest solutions. Example: “I am writing regarding the conference at the park Hyatt. We have corrected the colouring and have attached the corrected file.”

Ahead of the Pack- Intermediate Level

  • Social networking, write a professional profile. Example: “I have more than ten years' experience with social media.”

  • Chair a team meeting. Example: “The first item on the agenda is … Could you be a bit more specific?”

  • Write an email confirming an arrangement. Example: “I'd like to confirm that I'll be arriving late afternoon your time.”

  • Use visual aids in a presentation. Example: “This graph shows our visitor numbers in the past five years.”

  • Make and receive phone calls deal with bad mobile reception. Example: “I'm afraid she's on another call. Your phone's cutting out.”

  • Structure a short presentation.

  • Write an email applying for a job. Example: “I am writing in response to your advertisement for a marketing director.”

  • Use techniques to improve time management.

  • Answer typical job interview questions. Example: “What do you think are your key skills? Why do you want this job?”

  • Lead and participate in teleconferences and video conferences.

Go the Extra Mile - Upper-Intermediate Level

  • Use conversational strategies to keep a conversation going. Example: “Really? That's interesting. What about you, have you …?”

  • Write a report. Example: “This report describes … Firstly …, Secondly …, Thirdly …,”

  • Give dynamic presentations. Example: “Here you can see a shot I took … I love how the colours merge ‒ the yellow, white, and grey.”

  • Write an assertive email. Example: “I'd like to talk this through … I appreciate that ...”

  • Describe graphs. Example: “Unemployment has fallen gradually. There has been a slight fall in …”

  • Chair an effective meeting. Example: “Could you start us off with the first item? Do you have any thoughts on this, Will?”

  • Use SMART criteria to set objectives.











  • 体験レッスンをお楽しみください。

  • 授業のフィードバックや質問などにお応えします。

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