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今日の英単語「Chuffed」と、それに関連する英熟語「to be as high as a kite」。

Chuffed is an adjective (UK informal), that means to be pleased or happy about something.


Today's idiom of the day is "be as high as a kite". This has a verity of different meanings.

1. To behave in a silly or excited way because you have taken drugs or drunk a lot of alcohol. 2. To feel very happy and excited.

今日のイディオムは「be as high as a kite(凧のように高く)」。これには、さまざまな意味があります。

1. 薬を飲んだり、お酒をたくさん飲んだりしたために、おかしな行動をしたり、興奮したりすること。

2. とても幸せで興奮していること。


Today's English word of the day is excited, excited is to feel very happy and enthusiastic about something. For example: I am very excited to learn Japanese today.

Please see the pictures below for more information.



Excited has a related idiom, nothing to get excited about. This means that something is not especially good or not as good as people think it is. Please see the picture below for more details and an example.

Excitedには関連イディオムとして、nothing to get excited aboutがあります。これは、何かが特に優れているわけでもなく、人々が思っているほどでもないという意味です。詳しい内容と例文は下の写真をご覧ください。

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