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会員規約  (Updated February  2021 (2021年2月更新))

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会員規約 は必要に応じて変更し、当校のWebサイ以下、「当校サイト」という)上に提示いたします。ご利用に際しては、最新の情報をご確認ください。

会員規約 Membership Agreement (November 2021)


会員規約 は必要に応じて変更し、当校のWebサイ以下、「当校サイト」という)上に提示いたします。ご利用に際しては、最新の情報をご確認ください。The membership agreement will be changed as necessary and will be presented on our website "" (hereinafter referred to as "our school site"). Please check the latest information before using.


第1条 (本規約)This agreement

  1. Step Up Learning Centre が提供する一切のサービス(以下、「本サービス」という)を利用するにあたっての利用条件について定めるものです。It stipulates the terms of use for using all services provided by "Step Up Learning Centre" hereinafter referred to as "this service".


  1. Only those who agree to this agreement will be allowed to join and continue to be a member.


第2条 (本規約の変更)Change of this agreement


  1. Step Up Learning Centre」会員の承諾なしに本規約の変更ができるものとします。なお、この場合、本サービスの利用条件は、変更後の規約に基づくものとします。Our school may change this agreement without the consent of the "Step Up Learning Centre" member. In this case, the terms of use of this service shall be based on the changed terms.


  1. The changed terms will become effective from the time of publication and notification on our website or by a method separately determined by our school and will be applied retroactively to all members.


第3条 (Step Up Learning Centre会員)Member of "Step Up Learning Centre"


  1. Step Up Learning Centre」会員(以下、「会員」という)とは、本規約に承諾し、当校が定める方法により、入会の申し込みを行い、当校が入会を承諾した方をいいます。A "Step Up Learning Centre" member (hereinafter referred to as a "member") is a person who has accepted this agreement, applied for membership by the method specified by the school, and the school has accepted the membership.


  1. The member agrees to acquire and use the registration information to the extent necessary for our school and our affiliated instructors to provide this service.


第4条 (会員登録の拒否)Refusal of membership registration


当校は、会員登録を申請した登録希望者が、以下の各号のいずれかの事由に該当する場合は、その会員登録を拒否することがあります。当校は、会員登録を拒否した場合、その理由を開示しません。Our school may refuse the membership registration if the applicant for registration who applied for membership registration falls under any of the following reasons. If we refuse to register you as a member, we will not disclose the reason.


  • . If we determine that there is a risk of violating this agreement or that there is a violation.

  • . When all or part of the registration information provided to our school is false, seriously incorrect, or omitted.

  • . If you have been withdrawn due to a violation of this agreement in the past.


第5条 (登録情報の変更)Change of registration information


  1. If there is a change in his / her registration information, the member shall promptly notify the school of the change.

  2. If a member suffers any disadvantage due to failure to notify, our school will not be held responsible.


第6条 (レッスンについて)About lessons

1. 教室でのグループレッスンは原則3名以上となります。何らかの事情で構成人数が2名以下になった場合は、別のクラスでの受講をお願い致します。但し、スケジュール上どうしてもクラス変更が困難な場合は、この限りではありません。 As a rule, group lessons in the classroom are for 3 or more people. If for some reason the number of members is 2 or less, please take a different class. However, this does not apply if it is difficult to change the class due to the schedule.


2. プライベートレッスンは講師のスケジュールに空きがあれば、ご希望の時間帯で受講できます(当校の営業時間内に限る)。なお、レッスン開始後、の都合がつく範囲で、スケジュール変更をお願いする場合があります。 Private lessons can be taken at your preferred time (only during our school's business hours) if the instructor's schedule is available. After the lesson starts, we may ask you to change the schedule to the extent that it is convenient for you.



第7条 (レッスン日について)About lesson days


  1. 4回です (グループレッスン(月額)/プライベートレッスン(月額)。There are 44 lessons per year, for students taking fixed group and private lessons.


  1. If the number of lessons per year is less than the specified number due to school holidays designated by our school, you can take transfer lessons. The schedule of the transfer lesson will be decided after consultation.


  1. 徒さま側の予定が合わない等の理由により、予め日程調整した日に振替レッスンを受講出来なかった場合は、振替レッスンの権利が消失するものとします。その場合、未受講分のレッスン料の返還はありません。If the transfer lesson cannot be taken on the day when the schedule is adjusted in advance due to reasons such as the student's schedule not matching, the right to the transfer lesson will be forfeited. In that case, the lesson fee will not be refunded.


  1. Flexible lessons are to be scheduled at the end of each month and paid monthly at the start of the month.

  2. か月に予約できるレッスンの最大数はありませんが、柔軟なレッスンの場合、1か月に3レッスンの最小数があります。There is no maximum number of lessons that you can book per month, but there is a minimum number of 3 lessons per month for flexible lessons.


第8条 (サービスの中止について)Discontinuation of service


当校は、以下の各号のいずれかの事由に該当する場合は、会員に事前の通知をすることなく一時的にサービスを停止・中断・中止できるものとします。また、これらの停止・中断・中止によって会員が被った損害について、当校は一切の責任を負わないものとします。なお、停止・中断・中止になった支払い済みのレッスンは、当月または翌月内に振替レッスンを行うことを原則としいたします。Our school may temporarily suspend or discontinue the service without prior notice to the members if any of the following reasons apply. In addition, our school shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the member due to these suspensions, interruptions, and cancellations. As a rule, paid lessons that have been suspended or cancelled will be transferred within the current month or the following month.


  • When service cannot be provided due to fire, power outage, etc.

  • When services cannot be provided due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, eruptions, floods, tsunamis, and typhoons.

  • . When the service cannot be provided due to temporary closure due to an infectious disease such as influenza.

  • . When the school determines that the service needs to be interrupted due to operational reasons.


第9条 (欠席について)Absence decision


  1.とします。You can contact us by email (

  2. 24時間前までの連絡で振替レッスンが受けられるものとします。但し、欠席した日の翌月末までに他に同レベルのクラスがある場合に限ります。If you are absent from a group lesson in the classroom, you will be able to take a transfer lesson by contacting us at least 24 hours before the lesson start time. However, this is limited to cases where there are other classes of the same level by the end of the following month on the day of absence.

  3. 24時間前までの連絡で振替レッスンが受けられるものとします。振替レッスンの日程は、事務局と調整のうえ、決定します。なお、会員の都合により、当月または翌月内に振替レッスンが出来なかった場合は、振替レッスンの権利が消失するものとします。If you are absent from a private lesson, you will be able to take a transfer lesson by contacting us at least 24 hours before the lesson start time. The transfer lesson schedule will be decided in coordination with the teacher. In addition, if the transfer lesson cannot be done within the current month or the following month due to the member's convenience, the right to the transfer lesson will be forfeited.

  4. If you are absent due to something other than 2 and 3 in the preceding paragraph (including the case where the student is absent when you visit the instructor), the lesson will be considered to have been completed.

  5. 1ヶ月に1回までとなります(2回目以降の欠席による振替レッスンはありません)。Transfer lessons are limited to 1 time every 1 month (there is no transfer lesson for absences after the second session).

  6. If you cancel the transfer lesson once you have set it, the lesson will be considered as digested.

  7. If you are absent, the tuition fee will not be refunded or transferred.


第10条 (レッスン料について)About the lesson

  1. The lesson fee is monthly, and the fee for the current month shall be paid by the lesson at the beginning of the month by the method separately determined by the school.

  2. If you join in the middle of the month, it will be calculated daily.

  3. An enrolment fee will be charged for enrolment (first time only).

  4. Once paid, the admission fee and lesson fee will not be refunded except as provided in this agreement.

  5. (教科書はご注文前にお支払いいただきます) 。 The teaching materials and textbooks required for the lesson will be charged separately from the regular lesson fee. (Textbooks must be paid before ordering).


第11条 (休会、退会について)About cancellation and withdrawal


  1. If you wish to cancel or withdraw from the membership, please write a cancellation or withdrawal letter or e-mail by the 15th of the month, the membership will be cancelled or withdrawn by the end of the month. If you apply after the 16th of the current month, you will be subject to adjournment or withdrawal at the end of the following month (the next month's fee will be charged).

  2. All cancellations will be cancelled on the last day of the applicable month, and expenses will be incurred until the end of the applicable month (no calculation is made daily for the month of cancellation).

  3. The closing is monthly. When private lessons are resumed, a new instructor will be assigned, and the day and time of the lesson will be decided. However, if you pay half of the lesson fee during the holiday period, you will be able to secure the instructor, day of the week and time.

  4. In case of unavoidable reasons such as illness, injury, sudden relocation, or disaster, you can cancel or withdraw from the membership when you contact us. However, the paid lesson fee will not be refunded.

  5. If a member falls under any of the following reasons, our school may revoke the membership without notifying the member in advance. If there are unpaid lessons that have not been completed, the membership can be revoked without the consent of the member by refunding the amount. In addition, our school shall not be liable for any damage caused to the member due to the cancellation of membership.

  • When it is found that the provided member information / contents contain false information.

  • . If the lesson fee is not paid by the payment deadline.

  • . When the school determines that it is not appropriate to continue to be recognized as a member in violation of this agreement.

  • . If we frequently see inappropriate behavior during the lesson and the student does not listen to the instructor's guidance.

  • . In addition: If we decide that we should stop offering lessons.

第12条 (免責事項)Disclaimer

  1. There are individual differences in the learning effect of using the service. Our school does not guarantee the effect.

  2. We are not responsible for accidents, troubles, theft, or loss inside or outside the school due to carelessness of students or parents while commuting to school.

  3. In the unlikely event that our school bears liability for damages based on reasons attributable to that responsibility, the liability is limited to one month's lesson fee. However, this does not apply if the school has intentional or gross negligence.


第13条 (諸費用の改定)Revision of various expenses

本校は、本規約に基づいて会員が負担すべき諸費用を、社会情勢の変動に応じて改定することができます。なお、その場合、当校は改定の旨を60日前までに会員に通知します。Our school can revise the expenses that members should bear based on this agreement according to changes in social conditions. In that case, our school will notify the members 60 days in advance of the revision.


第14条 (個人情報)Personal information


  1. Our school manages the personal information of members appropriately in accordance with social order.

  2. ①クラス管理、②授業料などの請求、集金、③イベントなどの連絡、④緊急時の連絡、⑤その他サービスを円滑に提供することです。The purpose of using personal information is to provide (1) class management, (2) billing of tuition fees, collection of money, (3) contact of events, (4) emergency contact, and (5) other services smoothly.

  3. Personal information will be strictly managed and will be used within the scope of the purpose of use notified.

  4. We may post photos, videos, sounds, works, etc. of children at our classes and events on our website, advertisements, leaflets, etc.


第15条 (ご協力のお願い)Request for cooperation

  1. :当校では、家庭学習をお願いするコースがあります。家庭学習を規則正しく実行し、成長とともに自ら学習する習慣をつけていけるようご家庭のご理解とご支援をお願い致します。Homework: At our school, we have courses that ask you to study at home. We ask for parents understanding and support so that you can carry out home study regularly and develop a habit of learning by yourself as you grow up.

  2. :送迎が必要なお子さまはレッスン5分前を目安にお連れ下さい。またお迎えが遅くならないよう、ご協力をお願い致します。Time to go to and from school: For children who need transportation, please bring them 5 minutes before the lesson. Also, please cooperate so that the pick-up will not be delayed.

  3. :お手紙やお知らせ、教材の集金袋などをお子さまにお渡しすることがありますので、お子さまがご帰宅の際にご確認ください。また、様々な情報を当校サイト上で配信しています。ぜひチェックしてください。Please check: We may hand over letters, announcements, collection bags for teaching materials, etc. to your child, so please check when your child returns home. In addition, various information is distributed on our website. Please check it.


第16条 Covid-19 and Sickness

  1. Due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection, we try to thoroughly sterilize and ventilate the classroom, and pay attention to physical condition management and temperature measurement.

  2. 37℃以上の学生は、安全のため宿泊施設への立ち入りは禁止されています。この場合、メイクアップレッスンを手配します. Students with a temperature of 37.0C or over will not be permitted onto the property for everyone’s safety, in this case we will arrange a make-up lesson.


第17条 Photographs and Videos

  1. Step Up Learning Centreは、プロモーションのため、また生徒の家族と共有するために、レッスン中の生徒の写真やビデオを記録する権利を有します。Step Up Learning Centre reserves the right to photograph and record videos of the students in their lessons for promotional reasons and to share with student’s families.

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