• Mark Oakden

English word of the day "Angry" and a related idiom.

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Today's word of the day is angry, angry is an adjective (emotion) and it means having a strong feeling against someone who has behaved badly, making you want to shout or hurt them.

Here is an example: I felt angry that they ignored my complaint.



We also have many idioms that relate to the word angry, here is an example: Makes his/her blood boil. This means that something makes him or her angry, please see the photo below for an example.

また、怒っているという言葉に関連したイディオムもたくさんあり、ここではその一例を紹介します。Makes his or her blood boil. これは、何かが彼または彼女を怒らせるという意味で、下の写真の例をご覧ください。