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How to learn English

Five simple steps to help you quickly build your confidence and English-speaking ability.

Do you want to learn English and feel confident speaking English?

Learning a second language can be challenging, as I have found out whist trying to learn Japanese. You can feel like the odd one out in a conversation as everyone speaks quickly and it can lower your self-esteem and confidence. But it possible to overcome these challenges by setting yourself targets that enable you to improve your skills and build self-confidence whilst speaking English.

You too can build your English fluency and confident!

1. Try to learn unfamiliar words and phrase a day.

When learning a new language, we must expand our vocabulary every day. Build your vocabulary and phrases, daily.

2. Try to speak in English, use every opportunity you have.

Think of a variety of places that you can readily go to and use your new English-speaking skills and do not be afraid to use it. The more you practice the easier it will become.

  • Search for local English communities.

  • Pay attention to where native English speakers eat out, a British pub/bar in Yokohama or Tokyo.

3. Search for activities you enjoy, especially clubs which English speakers attend.

You could join a book-club, sports group... There are opportunities on social media, especially where there are foreign members living abroad. This would be a bonus for you and the foreigners living in your country too.

Just remember it is okay to make errors when you are speaking to native English speakers, we all make mistakes, and we learn from them. As a native speaker we do not use perfect English in our daily conversation.

4. Listen, repeat, and enjoy English.

Ways to build your listening skills.

  • Watch movies and TV dramas with subtitles in your language.

  • Listen to English songs, pay attention to the sentence structure and intonation.

5. Enrol into an English School.

Try to find an English school that will guide you through the process of learning English. I personally would highly recommend having private English lessons rather than a group lesson. Private lessons will enable you to have a one-to-one conversation with your teacher, rather than sharing the time with other students. This will ensure you improve quicker, and the teacher can adjust the lessons to your learning ability and needs.





1. 知らない単語やフレーズを1日1つずつ覚えていく。


  • 学んだことをメモしたり、日記をつけたりしてみましょう。

  • これらの単語を文章にし、理解するようにしましょう。

  • 辞書を使う。私は をよく使っています。

  • 英語学習に役立つアプリケーションを検索する。

2. あらゆる機会を利用して、英語で話すようにしましょう。




3. 自分が楽しめるアクティビティを探す。特に英語を話す人が参加するクラブを探す。



4. 聞く、繰り返す、そして英語を楽しむ


  • 映画やドラマを母国語の字幕で見る。

  • 英語の歌を聴いて、文型やイントネーションに注意する。

5. 英会話スクールに通う。




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