Which English lesson should I choose? Private or group English lessons!

Here at Step Up Learning Centre, we offer both private English lessons and small group English lessons. Both offer excellent learning opportunities. However, choosing the correct lessons for you depends on which fits your personal requirements.

What are the benefits of both types of lessons?

Benefits of group English lessons

You will have more interaction with other students.

Having the chance to interact with classmates is a great way to improve language development. You can join in on discussions and practise speaking and listening with fellow students.

Learning in a group can take the pressure off you as you are not the sole focus of the teacher. This can also give you more time to digest the information you are getting.

Benefits of Private English Classes

You will have a personalised lesson.

Private lessons have the benefit of being completely personal to you and your learning style. The tutor can tailor the lessons to suit your personal learning style and speed of learning without worrying about other students.

Group classes are usually on set days and at set times whereas private lessons can be more flexible and will work around your schedule.

When it is just you and a tutor, you get a much more focused teaching experience. 100% of the attention is on you which can help you progress much quicker. The tutor will also be able to highlight any areas in which you are struggling and tailor the lessons accordingly.